CIAP 2020

CIAP 2020

Come join us for this conference and changer your life!
February 21st - 24th 

Bristol Portal do Iguaçu Hotel

Rua Velcy Bolívar Grandó, 645

Uberaba - Curitiba

IPUB Paraná
  • IPUB Paraná
  • IPUB Paraná
CIAP 4th edition is coming!

A dip in the Word capable of deconstructing concepts to rebuild values and, most importantly, apostolic values. The International Apostolic Conference of Paraná takes place annually for three days and four nights totally focused on the ministry of the Word of God, and always, having Jesus as the center of everything

The purpose of this conference is to return to the practices of the Early Church, which was teaching the doctrine of the apostles. Expanding knowledge in the scriptures and collaborating for the spiritual development of the Church through the flow of the Holy Ghost, and always in search of new souls for Christ.


We can't lose our roots!

"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching ..." 
Acts 2: 42


We are affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church International, of the United States, whose were American missionaries who arrived here with a powerful message of salvation and estableshed IPUB, United Pentecostal Church of Brazil. We are part of an institution that preaches what the Bible teaches, this is a reason of pride and responsibility. Therefore, we must always improve ourselves in the Word always and maintain our roots as the Church of Christ.

One way to grow up is to exchange experiences and knowledge related to the Kingdom of God. Ciap is a conference where these exchanges take place through great men of God. Know who the pastors speakers are:




This event was born in the heart of GOD and is happening thanks to the participation of many people.


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